Lunch + coffee + couch = satisfied employees?

Lunch + coffee + couch = satisfied employees?

A simple answer to the question would be: yes. According to the recent survey with the title “Millennials: Myths and Realities” conducted by CBRE real estate consultant firm, adequate eating options are top priority among workplace conditions for the  Y generation, but a cafe in the vicinity is equally important, along with available rest rooms.

The soon to-be-renewed Science Park was wondering how people working in their offices valued the facilities on offer in their building.  So they set out and asked the experts of munkatá to conduct an independent survey on the issue.  Their first round goal was to get to know the opinions of people working in the building on their current working conditions. But their ultimate aim was to gather these information and utilise them in planning both short and long term developments.

The good news is that Science Park now almost perfectly meets expectations as for eating facilities, a top priority.  And, as a result of investments this year and the next, diverse community spaces will be established that will enhance relaxation at workplace as well.

Data of the munkatá survey show that the participants rated accessibility and public transport options of Science Park office building as appropriate, whereas working conditions in general were rated by half of the respondents as excellent.

An adequate level of quality for these working conditions  is also very important because the survey found out something else, too: almost a quarter of Y generation workers  would be willing to change workplace for favour of better working conditions, even if that would mean additional travel or that their new employer would be a smaller, less well-known enterprise.

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