An office building that’s a pleasure to work at

An office building that’s a pleasure to work at


Science Park will be renewed

Soon, the renovation works of the Science Park office building – based on the latest market standards and trends – will start with full speed in preparation for welcoming the most demanding new tenants.  When planning the project, the universities situated in the neighbourhood were involved and also inspired the younger generation to participate in the design.  The winners of the Science Park Design Contest and the building contractor DVM group created a sample office design presenting the office building of the future.

As a result of the renovation, excellent new work and social spaces will be created which will appeal to the  employees.  The international real estate consultant CBRE, the exclusive leasing agent, has good news for employers as well: the office building offers an outstanding value for money proposition ; what’s more, it is a premium location where it has been highly difficult to find available office spaces lately.

What is this renewal really about?

The owner of the building chose the highly experienced DVM group designer team from many tender candidates and assigned to them the task of renewing the building. Environmental planning, the renewed gardens and common green spaces, as well as the internal lobby and common area concept, and the refreshed façade will be of greatest importance and highly considered during the renovation. It is no coincidence, of course, as the main goal was to create a triple unity that makes the building individual, young and full of movement. The panels hand-painted by an artist will decorate the entrance hall in front of the lifts, thus adding to the above effect.

The two buildings will be featured in the new face of Science Park as well:  the colour blue in the logo symbolizes Building „A”, whereas yellow stands for Building „B”.  These basic colours have been the inspiration for the designer team when preparing the new exterior and interior visuals.

When is it due?

The year 2017 will be about Building „B” and the exterior design of both buildings. The common internal spaces will be spectacularly refurbished, also with help of hand-painted marble-  surfaces of the signature bright yellow of the building created by an artist. When re-designing the garden, the interaction of the building and the surrounding nature was in focus and will be realised with the help of new greenery,  furniture and other accessories. The new logo displayed on the facade of the building complex will be instantly recognizable from a far distance as well.

In 2018, Building „A” will play the main role. Focus will be put on the signature blue colour of the building in every aspect of the renovation of common spaces. Refurbishment will include such commodities as showers and restrooms.

„We’ve had an exciting planning phase and the outcome speaks for itself” says Hajnalka Nagy, representative of Science Park.  „With the help of the renovation programme we aim at a much nicer environment of a much higher quality for our present and future lessers. We are confident about the fact that the external-internal renewal will positively affect the everyday life of those working here and will indirectly enhance the performance of the enterprises renting their offices in Science Park. Our sample office will be finished soon and we will be able to convey the opportunities given by the new interior through inspiring examples and solutions.”

Fresh and youthful ideas

The Design Contest of Science Park was held in the spring and invited university students to show their knowledge and creativity in architectural design.  Members of the winning team – in addition to a cash prize – had the opportunity to re-design the sample office hand in hand with the building constructor office. These designs were exhibited among the visuals of the office building renovation during the press event on 31st May.

„Joint work in our office that followed the design contest gave not only a great opportunity to the winners – Réka Süttő and Attila Szabó – but it was exciting and very inspiring for us as well.  These young and very talented students brought fresh ideas that, combined with the expertise of our designers, resulted in a really unique office interior, which we are proud to present. We believe it is a must that we create more opportunities for students to learn and participate in challenging projects. With us, talented engineering students will find independent and highly responsible tasks” – said Tibor Massányi, managing partner to DVM group.

CBRE real estate consultant – holding exclusive renting rights – will facilitate newcomers to find offices tailor-made to their needs and requirements in Science Park.  The owner looks forward to welcoming new tenants to Science Park from early 2018.