Science Park Office Building Welcomes New Tenant

Science Park Office Building Welcomes New Tenant

Eurest restaurant operator company moved into one of the units of the Category A, BREEAM certified office building earlier this year. Managing Director János Nyerges told us about the move and their experiences so far with the building.

When did Eurest move into office building Science Park?

We moved in during late summer. To be precise, we have settled our new office on the 22nd August 2017, and we enjoy it more and more every day.

I understand this is your main office. How many square meters do you occupy in the building?

That’s correct. Our new office in Science Park is the headquarter of Eurest. This is the reason why it was very important for us to find an appropriate and easily modifiable office space. Finally we decided to rent an entire wing on the 5th floor, with a panoramic view of the Danube.

What were the other important factors you considered?

Central location and good public transport access were both significant. The close vicinity of natural environment and the Danube we also considered as key factors. Another key argument was, that we already had history with Science Park.

What do you mean by that?

Our company has been running the restaurants in both buildings for a couple of year. This was such an opportunity we couldn’t miss. Having our restaurant in the same building as our headquarters office provides us the practical comfort of presenting our office catering services on the spot and in practice.

What were your guidelines to the architects, what kind of interiors have you imagined for Eurest?

We knew exactly what we wanted, so I think we were easy to work with. Our guidelines were simple: light, fresh, transparent space, clean forms, and bold colours to break monotony. We also wanted a spacious common space which can serve as a meeting hub, this became the area outside the café corner. We provide training to our staff frequently, this meant it was important to have a large meeting room capable of accommodating at least 20 people, and two smaller rooms for 6 persons each. We have an open office layout, it was essential to provide a so-called focus room where employees can work in peace when needed. There are also two dedicated soundproof phone booth where you can even have confidential conversations on the phone.

One last question. What kind of feedback are you getting from your staff? How do your colleagues feel about working in this new environment, do they find work more effective?

The feedback is absolutely positive. Our colleagues grew to like the new, modern office quite fast. They say, that it fits the corporate image better and they are happy to come to work in the mornings. In my opinion, this is the best compliment we could ever have.