What makes a workplace really likeable?

What makes a workplace really likeable?

Science Park: We have coffee, a canteen and leisure areas. But what exactly makes a workplace really likeable for employees?

We got to the above conclusion by a previous article and we wanted more: with the help of munkatársaink.hu we have prepared a comprehensive survey on employee expectations in order to understand their opinions on their workplace. The participants in the survey were ones that work in Budapest-based companies that have 50+ employees and their yearly revenue is above HUF 500 million. These survey results were then compared to the ones of Science Park.

Results clearly show that, in addition to the basic requirements, easy accessibility of the workplace, green surfaces and the atmosphere of the building play key role. But, beyond these features, the survey also shows that Science Park employees have access to family-friendly working conditions and an state-of-the-art IT infrastructure as well.

Another aspect to consider is that in these hasty modern times we must find the time to do some exercises or sports and the most common way of that is cycling to your workplace.  Science Park has much to offer in this respect as well: it was an important point when planning that – in addition to bicycle-sheds – proper showering facilities should be created as well that will enable everyday cycling to the workplace.

All these facilities raise Science Park above market average and partly it is also a result of the fact that – according to the employees working there – the office building hosts environmentally conscious companies. Certainly, it is subject to personal judgement what are one’s preferences as for a working place but I think we can all agree on the fact that it is a pleasure to work in a place like Science Park.